Weddings & Receptions

The Sierra Madre United Methodist Church is honored to be considered for a part in your very special occasion. A Christian marriage is an act of worship, and we strive to provide a meaningful service.

Our sanctuary was designed by Pasadena architect Edwin Westberg in 1955. It is a classic, modern A-frame with an airy 40′ interior height. Its woodsy interior is reminiscent of a ski chalet. The Sanctuary was completely redecorated in 1991 with a new Chinese Red dossal cloth and English Rose carpeting with matching pew cushions. For brides and wedding designers, the principal color is mauve with turquoise accents. Pew candles, brass candelabra, and candles are available. There is comfortable seating for up to 265 persons but the space is not so large that a wedding party of 75 to 150 guests would feel “lost” inside.

Our church has many special facilities that are available for memorable Weddings.

  • Experienced and helpful Wedding/Reception Coordinator
  • Newly Redecorated Bride’s Room – The room is convenient, private and spacious with full-length and make-up mirrors.
  • Powerful pipe organ.
  • Reception Hall – Our reception facilities are spacious and air-conditioned, accommodating 175 guests. An open stage area may be used for musicians or the head table. A full kitchen is adjacent and large coffee makers and punch bowls are available.
  • Expert Counseling – The service will be conducted by the minister of our Church. Visiting ministers may assist at the personal invitation of the minister of our church. At least one hour of pastoral counseling by our minister is required for the bride and groom. The purpose is to understand the Christian interpretation of marriage and to examine the meaning of this relationship.
  • Handicap Friendly Facilities
  • A Supportive Church Family
  • A detailed brochure is available from the church office to help you with your planning.